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In times of war and crisis, play is essential for children.

"Footballs, skipping ropes and building blocks are much more than toys for children in crisis. Play is a moment of freedom for a child trapped in a besieged city. A chance to feel normal in the chaos of a refugee camp. A way to make friends and start to rebuild from incredible loss." says a member of UNICEF. As I was searching through their web page filled with children playing in the most bleak and dire places, I realized all of the pictures emitted a sense of JOY and PLAY.

The environments around them speak volumes of strife, chaos, hunger, heartache, war, uncertainty, and yet, the children always seem to find a sense of play to disengage from that.

In times of uncertainty, stress and fear, I believe play to be an essential component for the Soul. These days it feels to me like we could all use a little "moment of freedom" to be playful, regardless of what is going on inside or around us.

Play can be messy. Relaxing. Liberating. Uncomplicated. Unstructured. All the things my Soul needs in times like these.

If you'd like to explore this a bit more, I'm inviting you to a FREE playful exploration that allows sifting through what is difficult and challenging at the present moment and brings some playful freedom to it



Unleash your Muse to PLAY

It is to these pages that I bring what is happening inside me and around me. It is in these pages that I bring the queries that are difficult and challenging. And it also where I bring play. The magic happens when these two integrate in unexpected and often surprising ways.

There is wisdom to be gathered in here. Are you coming? Einstein once said "play was the highest form of research." Look where that got him! Won't you allow yourself some playful exploration to unleash your inner muse?

Learn how to incorporate quirky techniques using a little paint and a lot of imagination.

Learn how to create "backgrounds" that can then be used to build upon with beautiful quotes and pictures.

Learn how to entice your playful inner muse out by allowing freedom over form.

When you allow your paintbrush to guide your way on you'll be surprised by what starts happening... who starts showing up.... and notice how the inner conversation changes too.

Come play with me this Saturday, Sept 18th 9am-11:30am MT and be in the space of allowing by surrendering to the nudges of your Muse.

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