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Yesterday was Valentine's Day. I can't say I've ever celebrated this particular holiday in any particularly special way other than always getting a beautiful detail from my husband through the years (he always remembers this holiday for some reason).

This year, I decided to celebrate SELF-LOVE, and not just for Valentine's but year round. One of the first things I set out to do was to create a heart/mind map of sorts of how I want to show up for myself in my life right NOW. Not surprisingly taking care of my HEALTH was and is a top priority for me in every sense: heart, mind, gut and soul.

Change is the only Constant.

We've heard this a hundred times. Change is everywhere. As we age, the reality of constant"CHANGE" settles in most obviously and notoriously in the physical body. So this year I decided to change my relationship with CHANGE itself. I decided to develop an attitude and intention for being present to change(s) and enjoying EVERY moment to the best of my ability through self-love, self-care, and self-healing.

I decided if "Change is the only Constant", then I sure want to keep showing up fully for myself in the most healthy, wealthy and wisest way possible.

"Self-Healing in my own body's Way" is the distillation of this process of inquiry in this year of the Tiger . And that is exactly what I'll be mindfully intending all year. To do that I'll need a good shower of self-Love, self-Care, and a healthy attitude towards change. For me, that'll definitely include a healthy dose of movement and a juicy dose of creativity. As the relationship with my body changes with age, I'll adapt and find ways to find joy, spunk aliveness and health in whichever ways I move/self-express/dress/talk/walk. How about you?

What are the ways you apply Self-Love and Self-Care to your beautiful body and soul? What is filling up your magnificent Heart at this time?

In what ways can you embrace CHANGE to the best of YOUR ability with tender loving care? How are YOU showing up for yourself this year in this grand adventure called LIFE?

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