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Springtime and the JOY of movement for Peace of Mind and Heart

Today as I stood silently and prayerfully at this tattered altar somewhere in the magical high desert of Abiquiu, I was struck with the peace and silence of this place. I closed my eyes and breathed it all in. The brilliant blue sky, the wispy clouds slowly drifting above, the red earth cliffs in the distance, the old pinon tree grove that stands guard around this intentionally prayerful place. A gift.

All I could feel was Beauty. Serenity. Peace. And also quickly realizing this is not the case for SO many around the globe. In deep humility I send my thoughts, prayers, sparks of joy, health and well-being, to those who are suffering so terribly, on BOTH sides of the given line.

Yes. There are always TWO sides to every story, and it is important for me to keep my attention and gaze on the big picture of what is otherwise utterly incomprehensible at this time.

As the world continues to rock and shake from so many uncertainties, atrocities, fears and doubts, it all boils down to how does one bring a sense of peace, beauty and joy to our lives, thus spreading peace, beauty and joy to others?

In my case, nothing brings me more joy than moving. In movement I find health and well-being. If nothing else, joyful movement releases me from the toxicity, stress and information overload we all seem to be swimming in these days.

How do you find release from the relentless onslaught of a "full-on" stressed/paced life?"

If you're inspired to explore how the joy of movement can help release some of that stressful crazyness, I will be starting a weekly live in-studio AND online Nia dance/movement class in SPANISH! Every Tuesday. 5:45pm MT

Come shake, dance and switch your brain off while moving joyfully in YOUR BODY'S WAY immersed in the sound-current of Spanish, language of the heart.

(It doesn't matter if you don't know or understand Spanish...your heart and body will understand)

For more information, questions or just plain connection, please don't hesitate to reach out and stay in touch:

Hope to see you there!

May you find Peace, Beauty and Joy in everything you do.

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