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Nia With Guki

Below explore the new Nia Class spaces!

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Nia Classes in Spanish in SantaFe

I am excited to announce that I will begin teaching Nia classes in Spanish in StudioNia Santa Fe. Classes will be held live as well as live streamed. To see my upcoming schedule click on the button below.

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Nia Classes in English in Abiquiu

Come explore Nia in these in person classes in Abiquiu. To reserve your spot email me!

Nia is a sensory-based movement practice based on principles that raise the awareness of Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit (BMES).  

The foundation of this unique self-exploratory journey of our BMES is Joy of Movement.  


With JOY as the foundation, I have learned to move in ways that bring not only pleasure, but also more agility, stability and balance in all aspects of my life.  These days I literally feel like I can dance through life joyfully regardless of what is happening around me. 

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