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About Guru Kiren

guki portrait.jpeg


Gurukiren (Guki) Ramos was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico where she developed her deep love for bold colors, patterns, and textures. 

She is a late comer into the world of painting. With no background in traditional art school, she discovered her teacher Shiloh Sophia ( ) in 2012, fell in love with the paintbrush, the canvas, and the process called intentional creativity and never looked back. She loves spending hours discovering what her Muse coaxes out of the tip of her paintbrush. Most of the time this is a complete unknown, as it all gets revealed slowly moment by moment.

She’s always been physically active as well, participating in many sports, from water skiing to martial arts and most recently Nia, a somatic movement experience.  A few years ago she discovered the joy of movement after undergoing many sports-related injuries and surgery. She believes the physical body is a magnificent gift meant to heal through movement with agility, flexibility and balance, and strives to incorporate Nia dancing into her everyday routine.


She calls herself an intentional mover and artist always bringing awareness to the body’s way, and to the Muse’s nudges. Her paintings focus on the many faces of the feminine; her compositions and bold colors reflecting her love of Mexican colofurness. 

The canvas as well as the body have become a place for her to dive into inquiries, explorations, conversations and process many of life’s complexities.


She lives in the Land of Enchantment of New Mexico, US with her gifted musician husband. She has two very talented daughters actively exploring their creative paths.

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