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Last weekend 12 of creative geniuses got together and smashed. We Cosmic Smashed, and allowed the possibility to waken/unleash the dormant, sleepy Muse which lives in each one.

We started by setting an intention for our books, by tuning in to what was coursing through our lives at the moment, and voila! The intention for our books was born.

The intention I picked for my book this time was "PLAY". You see, I've done many reiterations of this delightful process using different intentions. So I can safely and truthfully say, that making time for creative PLAY was one thing I wanted to explore more deeply. Allowing myself to carve out time for creative PLAY is essential for my well-being and is at the core of my intention with this book. Already it's been a fascinating discovery.

Here are some of the things I've discovered about PLAY thus far. Play is difficult for most adults I know. something about allowing our adult selves to be creatively spontaneous and letting go of self-consciousness

Play provokes new ways of thinking. Play allows the imagination to explore new avenues and tucked in nooks. It entices creative thinking outside the normal parameters of operation. It encourages soulful questioning and courageous answering. It demands freedom and flow, as well as form and discipline. It fills the heart and the sensation of JOY starts to bubble up from the core. Play for me translates into Creativity in Movement.

Play demands letting go of perfection and being present to what is happening. Play loves a good mess! Like when you take the glitter out. There is nothing more playful than glitter itself! It gets everywhere, it's got a "mind of its own", it sparkles, and it adds an extra glint to a simple page. What materials spark joy and play for you?

What intention would you like to instill into any of today's activities? How could you incorporate PLAY in your life, especially now when things are amok? Can you distinguish between mindful play and mindless play? I invite you to ponder on the effect of Play in your life.

Stay tuned for upcoming events, and if you want to play with me and other like-minded creatives, I'll be offering a NEW MOON ZOOM JAM on the closest Saturday to the New Moon. Details to come soon.

Good Music. Good conversation. Good prompts.

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