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Agility and Nimbleness

Dear Friend, Will you dance with me? Agility is the art of starting and stopping. I take this quite literally and try to apply this in my everyday life: whether I’m at the supermarket about to collide in the aisle with a hurried customer (usually I’m the one who is hurrying), or in my dance practice when I consciously choose to switch not only directions but also body moves. I find this practice refreshing and stimulating both for my brain and my body. Somedays my starting and stopping are very slow and mindfully. Somedays my moves are swift and agile. Would you like to play with AGILITY today?

Will you trust your inner sense of agility and nimbleness? Will you truly listen to your body’s way?

You’re invited to dance

I want to LOVE MY BODY

Classes are bilingual, Spanish & English

Clases son bilingues!

Click HERE to sign up for Sunday's Nia Class! (if you have a code, register HERE, and use the code to check out.

Hope to see you! Espero verte!

To ponder:

"Music is the festive clothing of Silence."

Debbie rosas

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