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Flexibility and Magic

Dear Friend,

Here in Northern New Mexico, this week is beginning to feel like Summer is more than a distant whisper. You see. Summers are relatively hot and short here, so it is with joyful expectation that we welcome Summer.

As usual, it is arriving at our doorsteps with the arrival of numerous hummingbirds hungrily looking for their sugar water, their energy drink.

Summer also announces its arrival with headstrong winds that leave a blanket of dust and grit that is unavoidable. Also shaking the trees of last years holdouts.

So, what did I learn this week? I learned that some days things may not be at their best, but I all I need to do for myself is to show up and be my best.

Sometimes this is easier said than done. So I keep a mantra at the tip of my tongue whenever things start getting out of whack for me.

“I am fully present here now in this.” And this requires flexibility.

One of the most playful and delightful ways I invite flexibility is through my creativity. There is nothing more satisfying than applying paint randomly on a page. And wait to see what magic happens. What about you? Where do you go to be creatively playful and be in the mystery of what wants to happen? Do you play an instrument? Do you practice a certain healing art? Do you knit? Do you cook? Intuitive art. Messy art. Whatever art. Allow flexibility into your fun.

To Ponder:

"I once encountered a man in India who owned nothing of value but an ox. The ox had two handsome horns. In order to celebrate his ox, the man had painted one of the horns hot pink and the other turqouise blue. He then glued little bells to the tips of each horn, so that when the ox shook its head, its flashy pink and blue horns made a cheerful tinkling sound.

This hardworking and financially stressed man had only one valuable possessio, but he had embellished it to them ax, using whatever materials he could gt his hands on-- a bit of house paing, a touch of glue and some bells.

As a result of his creativity, he now possessed the most interesting-looking ox in town.

For what? Just because.

Liz Gilbert

Big Magic

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape

Join me for:

Can't come? No worries! Register anyway, and you'll have the replay available for 3 days to dance at your own leisure.

Remember: no experience necessary. Just a deep desire to move and take that first step.

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