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Let your NOW BODY Flow

Dear Friend, Are you feeling like your body really wants to move but you don't know where to start? You might be wondering, what about my bad knee? Or that shoulder that keeps bugging me. Or those hips that are quite tweaked now from sitting long hours in front of a screen?

To all those I say: nothing heals the body more than movement. And remember. I'm talking about your NOW BODY. Not the body you had when you were fifteen, or 32.... your NOW body. Your beautiful, magnificent, radiant, NOW body.

There's nothing like putting some fun music, and letting your body move and sway and rock to its own rhythm, its' own beauty way, it's own wise way. If you're inspired to join please join me

SUNDAY at 9:00am PST, 10am MTS; 12 EST

I want to LOVE MY BODY today and FLOW

SUNDAY at 9:00am PST, 10am MTS; 12 EST

Classes are bilingual, Spanish & English

To Ponder:

A good friend of mine once said it was important to have

a Strong Back,

a Soft Front,

and a Wild Heart

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