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Whispers and Nudges from a yellow heart

It’s from this very door of heartbreaking and heartopening polarities that I write today. It’s been a while.

Today as I was walking in the blazing sun and heat of late summer in New Mexico, I looked down, and there in the dry, cracked path was a yellow heart. A bright yellow aspen leaf just lying there like a bright heart. It was beautiful. Delicate. Bright. Tender. Small.

I probably would’ve walked right by it if I hadn't paused to give it my full attention.

These days it takes effort to stay present, fully present to the here and now. It’s challenging in fact, in the middle of the world’s loud cacophony of competing distractions, situations, and attention-grabbing headlines.

So I deliberately stopped and noticed this little heart on the path. Hers was the very first whisper of Fall in the harsh heat, light and dryness of this land. It seemed too soon for Fall to make an appearance. This is what I was reminded of when I stopped to listen and observe.

*It is life-affirming to slow down and bring my attention right in front of me, in the present moment. To take stock of what's in MY surrounding kinesphere at every level. To open my senses to the magic around: whether inhaling a gentle summer breeze; looking up at the clouds above make their journey across the vast sky; walking outside to witness the stars emerge in the evening sky; discovering a bright yellow heart in my path.

**It is essential for my well-being, to consciously create distance from the bombardment of 24-7 social media, conflicting info/news, updates, etc. etc. etc. How? By noticing and honoring what's around me in the ordinary and mundane moments and places of everyday living.

What’s the little yellow heart’s message for me today? Why not play a little and see where my imagination can take me today and ask the leaf: “Hey! Wazup? Was it difficult to let go?”

These are the small moments that make up my day. The small moments that allow me to listen to the whispers and nudges of the world around me quieting the loudness of life. It's a delicate balancing act, and an essential one.

What about you? How do you stay present to the whispers and nudges of the here and now?

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