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Up here in the rugged terrain and mountains of Northern New Mexico where I live, winter has been a mild event. An incredibly dry, moisture-free winter. Its presence has been mildly felt compared to other "normal" years. The snow in the mountains is scarce and it has not been a bone-chilling winter. Even Father Winter knows something is up. Somehow it's all different now.

January 2022 does indeed feel like a different world than any world we've experienced before. But then again, every day is a different world than the one befor

As this mild New Mexico winter begins its slow departure, the seeds planted in the Fall are beginning to stir deep underground, literally and metaphorically. LIFEFORCE IS stirring deep inside this beautiful Mother Earth, as it is also stirring deep in my Soul.

In a world where not much makes sense anymore I I feel BOTH the anticipating tickles of Spring, the activation of dreams and passions long ignored and setting intentions that are soul-nourishing and life-affirming. AND I also feel the heaviness, grief, stress, worry, illness and confusion that permeates the air these days. HECK! Sometimes I feel like finding a cave where I can join the wise bears who understand the need for hibernation. A bear knows when it needs to hibernate and retreat from the cold snowy world to rejuvenate and survive.

There is also a deep instinctual understanding that hibernation will come to an end and the bear will have to emerge from its cozy den and its deep slumber into a new and different world.

Bears are very wise.

In our human world the closest thing we have to a bear-ly hibernation is a hiatus. And that is exactly what I did this winter: I took a restful and much needed hiatus from all things Social Media.

Here are a couple of dictionary definitions for the word hiatus:

: to cease being broadcast for a period of time.


...a break or interruption of continuity

I love these! “To cease being broadcast (from social media for ex) for a period of time” has been the most healing hiatus for my soul. It’s been a personal time to regroup, reorient and redefine what/why and where I want to be headed towards in this Wild Year of 2022.

Have you taking a hiatus for your body/mind and spirit recently? How long, how deep, how silent do you want your hiatus to be, adapted to your body and soul's way? Do you ever feel called to remove yourself from the ordinary, even for a bit? Do you ever take mini hiatus' during the day just for the JOY & FUN of it?

Why not explore this concept of rest, self-removal and hibernation? In the dreamtime of your hiatus, you can let the heart guide your way on and be the compass. This is good medicine for the soul.

Something to ponder: Consider giving yourself a soulful hiatus or two this winter, and be surprised by the curiosities, inquiries and musings that might come up when your heart is the compass?

Stay curious!

Stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

I send you Love and greetings from the dry blustery Land of Enchantment, New Mexico..

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