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Using creativity to deal with life's lessons

Births. Weddings. Engagement. Graduations. Deaths. Transitions.

These life moments are intricately woven aspects in everyone's lives. How we deal with them, mark them, suffer through them, enjoy them or even remember them are what make them markers in our lives' trajectories.

A month or so ago a very dear and close friend passed away quite unexpectedly. In trying to understand and process what had happened I turned to intentional creativity for help. I decided to make a painting of her celebrating her amazing Spirit.

I knew it was going to be a deep journey for me, and my intention for this particular painting was to get in touch with my grief and confusion at what had happened. It also allowed me to touch my friend’s Spirit in ways I could never have anticipated.

I dove right in treating the whole process as a closing ritual: starting with setting up the paints, blessing the jar of water, spraying rose water on my canvas and tuning into my friend’s beautiful life. I had a chance to really say goodbye in a profound and deeply meaningful way.

This experience confirmed once again what intentional creativity has brought to my life. And it is something I want to share with you, no matter what is going on in your life.

My painting is nowhere near done. It's a work in process as I continue to sit with her, talk with her and continue to enjoy her presence in my life. Sometimes I just sit in front of my canvas with a cup of tea and imagine us sharing a joke, a story or a sisterly moment. And when I hear the echoes of her laughter loud and clear, I know she is still is and will always be with me.

Above all, I am grateful for the chance to deal with life's intense lessons through creativity because it adds a dimension of depth, trust and love that is quite profound.

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