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The peaceful beauty of an Altar

I have a special corner in my bedroom where I bow my head. I have a little table where I place crystals, pictures, special mementos, candles, some incense and when the urge rises, fresh flowers. It’s my altar.

My altar has changed and morphed through the years. In fact, it’s always changing. Sometimes it is as simple as a beautiful cloth and a single candle. Sometimes it is wild and colorful. Sometimes it’s jam packed. And sometimes it’s dusty cause months have gone by without me tending it.

All I know is that it is a place where no matter what, I can go regardless and sit quietly. Light a candle. Close my eyes. Make a prayer. Bow my head. Receive.

Recently with all that’s going on in the world (inner and outer), I’ve been visiting my altar often, especially when things start moving too fast. I’ve noticed that one of the requirements to visit my altar is to S L O W down to be open to receive: insight, respite, comfort, surrender, Wisdom.

Wisdom comes to visit me often when I sit at my altar. Did you know that in ancient times WISDOM was personified as a Goddess? I love to visualize Her walking through the veils that separate our realms and sit down for visit. (I have been known to leave a little chocolate on my altar cause I’m sure even Goddesses enjoy a bit of chocolate).

I invite you to ponder this. Have you considered claiming a small space somewhere in your home and dedicate it to that mystery? Would you consider setting up space where you can intentionally leave the drama of LIFE, along with the to-do lists, news, social media, upsetting interactions, work hassles… and simply BE?

I invite you to explore what having and altar would mean to you? And if you have one, I invite you to take everything off and start with a clean slate.

Humbly ask: what wants to be included here now? Set an intention, ask out loud and then go for a walk around your home, the beach, a fun store, anywhere you happen to be during the day and ask: What wants to come visit my altar?

I LOVE this little game I play with myself!

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