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Take your shoes off and dance!

Dear Friend, Have you noticed how children LOVE to take their shoes off and play barefoot outdoors? It’s a wonderful way for them to use their sense of touch to experience their bodies and their surroundings. I was one of those kids. As soon as Friday afternoon came along, my shoes flew off my feet and practically didn't see them until late Sunday evening. Adults too have de-shoed their soles. Isadora Duncan shocked early 20th century audiences by refusing to wear shoes when she performed. An innovative and liberating stand! Consider taking your shoes off next time your hear your favorite song come on and see how much freer your movement is! Practice moving slowly so you can learn how your bare feet can work with the floor in a healthy, organic and liberating way.

Research now shows:
“Walking and dancing barefoot, also known as “earthing”, has gone from being a kooky and playful trend, to a scientifically-researched practice with a number of remarkable health advantages, such as increasing antioxidants, reducing inflammation and improving sleep.” Isaac Eliaz, MD

Along with the increased muscular strength, the enhanced circulatory flow and improved anatomical alignment, going barefoot has very tangible benefits on the brain and the nervous system. This results in improved balance, better motor control and more enjoyment. Add the changes in brain function to the long list of reasons to consider ditching constrictive shoes and allow your feet (and brain) to feel more. Dr. Sam Oltman, ND

To Ponder:

If you want to lift your SPIRIT,

you have to GROUND your SOUL.

That's why your SOLE is on the bottom of your feet.

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