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Take your shoes off!

Dear Friend, Today I gave myself permission to walk barefoot on a wet field. This is a rare thing where I live. You see, in the highlands of Northern New Mexico, water is one of most treasured and scarce gifts from Mother Earth.

In a system of irrigation that is centuries old using gravity and water wisdom, water gets allotted and diverted for use by hundreds of plots of land. Today was our day. So our Saturday ritual has become a sacred act of using this water gift wisely and flooding the field, that will keep the land green and prosperous..

I want to LOVE MY FEET today and dance

SUNDAY at 9:00am PST, 10am MTS; 12 EST DOMINGO 9:00am PST, 10am MTS; 12 EST

Classes are bilingual, Spanish & English

Clases son bilingues!

Click HERE to sign up for Sunday's Nia Class! (if you have a code, register HERE, and use the code to check out.

Hope to see you! Espero verte!

To Ponder:
If you want to lift your SPIRIT,
you have to GROUND your SOUL.
That's why your SOLE is on the bottom of your feet.
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