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Spirit Moves 2017

I recently came back from facilitating an intentional creativity workshop in a stunning area of Colorado near Carbondale. 10 women gathered together to paint, sit in circle, share stories, laughter, tears, amazing food and our spirits at the foot of Mt. Sopris at the beautiful 13 Moons Ranch.

In a wonderful book titled IF WOMEN ROSE ROOTED by Sharon Blackie I read the following excerpt, which reminded me of our weekend together.

“It’s so easy to be pulled down by life’s challenges and the awful things that are happening to the planet, but it doesn’t serve any purpose to stay in that place. It’s not what Earth requires right now. The Earth is calling on us to change things—but also, while we’re doing it, to have fun! FUN—maybe that’s the most radically feminine idea of all. If women want to change things, we need authority, and authority comes in good part from inside ourselves. It comes from conviction, from understanding and owning our stories, from a strong sense of who we are and what our place is in the world.”

Personally, I am deeply humbled and amazed with the paintings that came out of our honest exploration and inquiry. What came out in only two days of painting was nothing short of astounding. We started by sketching self-portraits onto the canvas from selfies each woman took prior to coming.

We worked diligently side-by-side exploring, asking, doubting, resisting and remembering the powerful beings we are.

What emerged by the time the weekend was over was an honest, powerful and stunningly beautiful self-representation of each woman.

The blank canvases underwent a radical transformation as each inner portrait evolved into a powerful projection of our beautiful Spirits.

We had fun in Colorado. We also had tears, fears and sweet joy hanging out together. My prayer is that these portraits will serve those who came as reminders of who we women truly are, and the amazing possibilities that every woman has within just waiting for the right moment and opportunity to burst forth.

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