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Self Care through Smashing

Fall is here! I've missed being here, and I've missed you. After a much needed Summer hiatus I have gifts for you as we start to settle into yet another seasonal change.

Fall for me calls for a different kind of Self -Care. In this day and age taking care of my Self has become essential for me to stay above the tumultuous world-ocean events.

In this hectic non-stop 24-7 digital world how do you take care of yourself? Meditation, healthy eating, exercise, balanced self-care all come to mind. I have two I’d like to include: intentional movement and intentional creativity.

A FREE Adventure into Cosmic Smashbooking with Intentional Creativity: Sept 18th 9-11;30am MT

I'd like invite you to a free exploration of one of my favorite things to do: Cosmic Smashbooking. I want to invite you to play with me and create a magical portal for your self-exploration in a way that uses a cheap notebook, crayons, glue, glitter, paints, magazine cutouts, quotes, poems, ribbons, jewels, wild imagination and a pink slip for “anything goes” exploration of your creativity.

I have a confession. I've made 27 of these Cosmic Smashbooks for myself. Every time I open one randomly to see what I was going through back when, it astounds me to see layers of wisdom, introspection, prayer, whimsy, playfulness, soulful inquiry, imagination, and inquiry.

I cannot say enough what these gems of a book do for the heart and soul in times like the ones we're living in.

I also firmly believe that when women sit in circle doing acts of intentional creativity we can have an impact on the collective conversation away from fear, doubt and despair into one of possibility, hope and growth. This has impact in the collective. This I know.

I’m calling YOU if you feel called to sit together in circle and create with our hands, hearts and intentions your own beautiful Cosmic Smashbook, on Saturday, Sept 18, 9-11:30am MT.

All you’ll need will be some basic supplies, two ½ hours dedicated to YOU, your presence, your love, prayers, imagination, and a YES!

What are you calling in right now? Invite your Muse to guide you into the quirky world of Cosmic Smashbooking.

Won't you join me for Cosmic Smashbooking Adventure ?

Whether you've made one before or never even heard of it, this is my invitation to you to join me in creating one of these whimsy books of self-discovery for yourself, using image, word and color. Learn to activate your Smashbook with intention as you discover deep inquiry and openness. Learn to welcome your inner-critic (that self-loathing little voice in the background) into the page and invite her to have a conversation with you by giving her a voice to self-express.

Open the gates of possibility and see if we could literally smash and crumple layers of creative resistance and curiosity through our hands, a glue stick, some inexpensive craft paint, some glitter, a good dose of intention and the willingness to "see what happens if...?"

I can't wait to see you as we create one of these powerful juicy portals. Bring a Cuppa and a curious mind.

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