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Hummingbird Medicine

There was once a HUGE massive forest fire. The animals were all running and scrambling to escape, except for tiny little Hummingbird.

She buzzed tirelessly back and forth between the river and the fire. She would fill her little beak with water, fly back and spit a few drops of water into the massive blaze. Bear watched her do this a few times and then said to her: “Little hummingbird, come away with me. Save yourself! There is nothing you can do to save this forest.”

The hummingbird replied: " I know I probably can’t save the forest. But I do have a part to play . And I can do MY part.”

When devastating fires, floods, hurricanes, senseless shootings, earthquakes, personal losses and political shakiness make me feel like hiding, feeling numb and utterly helpless that’s when I try my hardest to “spit” some light into the darkness engulfing me.

It’s hard not to succumb to hopelessness. It’s hard to stay strong and centered amidst the “bad-news-barrage” coming relentlessly our way. Some days it feels like I’m just holding my breath waiting for the next “thing” to happen. On those days I have to remind myself constantly to stop for a moment and take a deep breath—LOTS of deep breaths actually. I find myself needing to do this to re-center, re-ground and re-connect to Spirit, and Joy, and Happiness and Love.

This hyper-speed acceleration of change also offers tremendous HOPE because the potential outcome of this madness is heralding a new era for the human race where Honoring our Mother and each other with Integrity, Peace, Love and Mutual Respect can be the prevailing standard instead of the abnormality.

I encourage you to find those seemingly insignificant actions that fill your heart and cheer your soul. Talk to a tree. Look to the sky above and find a shape in the clouds. Dance to your favorite music. Grab a paintbrush, pen or spatula and create something amazing. Sit quietly in prayer. Sing as loud as you dare. Find sacred images in river rocks. Whatever it is that makes you smile.

Just Do It.

Be like that little hummingbird. Know your presence on the planet at this time makes a HUGE difference, small as though it seems. Can you picture us all like a vast army of hummingbirds, each doing our little parts to facilitate this great turning in the evolution of human consciousness? I can.

I send you sprinkles of love and light.

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