How do you honor and celebrate Death?

Change is literally in the air. Where I live trees are shedding carpeting the ground in golden tones, winds are stirring, temperatures are dropping, autumn is here. And with it the message that it's time to let go. A bit cliche, yet nature all around is showing us firsthand how it's done. It can be messy. It can be gorgeous. It can be uncomfortable. It can be playful and it can be irreverent.

There is a certain longing in the air, a wistfulness that requires introspection, a gusty wind inside that begs to shed the loss, the grief, regrets and betrayals, the "leaves" of life.

As you clean, dust and shake things off around you, remember how transitions come laden with change. And sometimes, a little whimsy goes a long way to help ease some of life's harshest changes.

For centuries, people in Southern Mexico have been celebrating this time of transition between life and death with color, humor, joy, festivity, music, food and dance.

Life goes on as usual, and yet there are reminders everywhere not to take life too seriously.

Can you incorporate some of these in your remembrances this week?