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Día de los Muertos 2020

We (Adpurkh and Guru Kiren) are very grateful and humbled by the experience that was created virtually by ALL of us; by our collective circle of newfound Red Thread friends, and a whole lot of ancestors. We both felt that unexpected portals opened up where deep connections with departed beloveds manifested in profound ways.

With gratitude we thank you for showing up and trusting the process through story sharing, crafting, and sharing the space of Dia de los Muertos in a reverent, playful, quirky, colorful and fun way.

If you couldn't join us, don't worry. Here is a recording for you. Enjoy!

In times of uncertainty, fear, worry and anxiety, remember you can access the wisdom and the deep love from those in the beyond. All it requires is your intention, and your willingness to sit in the "in between" time and space with them.

If you like what you experienced here, we invite you to check out another mystical adventure with us in the lands of "in between". But this time we're going to dive in DEEP with the Divine Mother.

Keep your eyes open for a communication about our Lady of Guadalupe event coming up on December 12th

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